We Bake Over 100

Different Breads


Handcrafter Artisan and
Highspeed Bakeries


Individually Wrapped
Portion Packaged Breads

Tamper Evident Packaging

We Bake Breads and Pastries for some of the finest Restaurants, Hotels, Institutions, Caterers,
Home Meal Delivery Services, and Award-Winning Chefs.

The Art of Hand-Crafted Artisan

All of our Artisan Breads are Chemical Free

True Artisan Bread is an art of mixing, fermenting, shaping, and baking.
Our Master Baker has been baking Artisan Breads for over 30 years.
He is a true craftsman, skilled in the art of mixing, fermenting, shaping, and baking Artisan Breads.

Our Artisan Bakers take pride in hand-shaping every loaf and bun to ensure they have created the most authentic
artisan breads possible, using only the finest ingredients, utilizing age-old fermenting, shaping, and baking

Accepting nothing less than passionate bakers, the highest quality ingredients, with partners we know, and trust not
only allows us to support our community but more importantly creates meaningful relationships with those
around us. Staying true to our craft, we exist to create experiences where passion and purpose come together.

King Arthur Flour

We use only the highest quality flour for our loaf breads, gluten free breads, baguettes, hoagies, buns, sliders, dinner rolls, pullaparts, ciabatta, focaccia, pita bread, naan bread, tortillas, bagels, croissants, bagels, muffins, danish, scones, and fruit loafs.

High Speed Bakery

Working with multi-unit restaurants that require higher volume, we offer High Speed Baking. High-Speed Baking
gives us the capabilities to bake whatever quantity, without compromising quality, at a fraction of time and cost
than the labor-intensive artisan hand-crafted breads.

Known for our Buns

We are baking the best buns the old-fashioned way, commitment to the sponge and dough process rather than the
faster and cheaper brew dough, straight dough, or modified sponge systems.
The sponge and dough process takes 7 hours, we believe that the best things are worth waiting for.
We also provide fresh or frozen buns and bread for warehouse delivery in a semi-truck.

Individually Wrapped or Pre-Portioned Packaged Breads

Tamper Evident Packing Systems

Delivering Meals to Homes?
Meal kits?
Now you can get our delicious bread, pita, tortillas, and pastries individually wrapped or pre-portioned
in a tamper evident package.
Our SQF Certified Packaging Facility with multiple high-speed packaging systems allow us not only to individually
wrap or pre-portion our products in a tamper evident package, but ensure we have the capabilities to
accommodate clients that require higher volume.
We also offer pasta, beans, rice, nuts, dried fruit, sugar, and flour in pre-portioned tamper evident packaging.
Private Labeling Available

Special Order

We love to create.
Is there a type of bread you would like to call your signature bread?
Share your vision with us, and we will bake samples for your review.


Interested in one or more of our products?
Let us know which product you would like to see, and we will put together samples of your review.
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