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Pirl Bakery – Wholesale Bakery

Custom Breads

Baked Fresh Daily

We Bake Over 100

Different Breads

Master Baker Baking By Hand

For Over 30 Years




Serving Restaurants, Institutions, Hotels and Caterers Throughout Texas
Fresh Bread Delivered Daily

Our Reason

Fresh Artisan Breads at wholesale prices, delivered, freshly baked, daily are difficult to find. Our purpose is to offer Fresh Handmade Artisan Breads at a wholesale prices, delivered daily to all customers, no matter if you are small or large.

To offer an assortment of breads to fit every need.

Fresh Handcrafted Artisan Breads

Fresh Economy Breads

Fresh Custom Hamburger Buns


Our Master Baker has been baking Artisan Bread by hand for over 30 years. He is a true craftsman,skilled in the art of mixing, fermenting, shaping, and baking hand crafted artisan bread. He will accept nothing less than the highest quality all-natural ingredients utilizing age-old fermenting, shaping, and baking techniques.

Our Breads

We bake over 100 different  breads
Available in any shape or size

Custom Signature Breads

We love to create. Is there a type of bread you would like to call your signature bread? Share your vision with us and we will bring samples for your review.

Artisan Breads

While other bread companies have adopted the continuous-mixing process (bread is induced to rise chemically, saving time and money) We let our dough rise naturally with yeast ensuring a delicious taste. After our dough rises naturally, all our breads are handmade with consummate attention to quality. Containing only the finest fresh and natural ingredients ensures a great tasting bread everyone will enjoy

Artisan Pita and Naan Breads

Our artisan pita and naan breads are baked fresh daily.

Artisan Gluten Free and Organic

We offer Fresh Artisan Gluten Free and Organic Bread

Economy Breads

Our economy breads are great for commissaries, institutions and businesses that are high volume and are under price point constraints.

Hamburger Buns

We offer a variety of hamburger buns in various sizes. If you are looking for a specific bun made for your business, we are happy to bake what you need and bring samples for your review.

Delivered Fresh

We Bake all night so you can enjoy Fresh Bread all day. All pricing includes delivery.